Bantysh-Kamensky, Dmytro [Бантиш-Каменський, Дмитро; Bantyš-Kamens’kyj], b 16 November 1788 in Moscow, d 6 February 1850 in Saint Petersburg. Historian, administrator of the office of Nikolai Repnin, the Kyiv military governor (1816–21), governor of Tobolsk (1825–8) and Vilnius (1836–7), and son of Mykola Bantysh-Kamensky. He wrote the following works based on a wealth of archival material: Istoriia Maloi Rossii so vremen prisoedineniia onoi k rossiiskomu gosudarstvu pri tsare Aleksee Mikhailoviche (A History of Little Russia from the Time of Its Union with the Russian State under Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich, 4 vols, 1822); Slovar' dostopamiatnykh liudei russkoi zemli (A dictionary of Memorable People of the Russian Land, 5 vols, 1836; 3 supplements, 1847); and Istochniki malorossiiskoi istorii (Sources for Little Russian History, 2 vols, 1858–9). In his concept of Ukrainian history he attributed particular importance of the Cossack Hetman state, which he saw as the continuation of the traditions of Kyivan Rus’.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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