Bratslav regiment

Bratslav regiment (Брацлавський полк; Bratslavskyi polk). An administrative military-territorial unit of the Hetman state (see Regimental system), in Right-Bank Ukraine, existing as an independent formation in 1648–67. In 1649 the regiment was composed of 22 companies with 2,655 registered Cossacks. The company centres were Bratslav, Raihorod, Tulchyn, Klevan, Krasne, Brailiv, Vilshanka, Verbka, Hariachkivka, Tymanivka, Oleksandrivka, Yalanets, Yampil [see Yampil (Vinnytsia oblast)], Sharhorod, Murafa, Stanislavchyk, Miaskivka, Luka, Bahlanivka, Chechelnyk, Komarhorod, and Chernianka. In 1678 the Vinnytsia regiment was incorporated into the Bratslav regiment. Decimated during the time of the Ruin, the Bratslav regiment was revived by colonel Andrii Abazyn in the mid 1680s. It was finally abolished in 1712. Among the regiment's outstanding colonels were Danylo Nechai, Ivan Bohun, and Tymofii Nosach.

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