Vinnytsia regiment

Vinnytsia regiment (Вінницький полк or Кальницький полк). An administrative territorial unit and military formation (see Regimental system) of the Hetman state set up in 1648 in Right-Bank Ukraine. Its first center was Kalnyk; hence, it was known initially as Kalnyk regiment. It was one of the frontier regiments located along the western boundary of the Hetman state between the Bratslav regiment and Pavoloch regiment. The regiment was divided into 19 companies, which numbered 2,050 registered Cossacks in 1649. In 1653 the regimental center was transferred to Vinnytsia. In 1654 the Vinnytsia regiment administered 62 settlements, including 26 towns and 36 villages. The regiment was devastated in the 1670s by factional fighting among Right-Bank Cossacks. In 1678 it was incorporated into the Bratslav regiment. Ivan Mazepa and Ivan Skoropadsky made unsuccessful attempts to revive the regiment. Its most famous colonels were Ostap Hohol (1649 and 1674), Ivan Bohun (1651–8) and Ivan Sirko (1658–60).

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