Budzynovsky, Viacheslav

Budzynovsky, Viacheslav [Будзиновський, В’ячеслав; Budzynovs'kyj, V'jačeslav], b 30 January 1868 in the village of Bavoriv, Ternopil county, Galicia, d 14 February 1935 in Lviv. Galician politician, writer, and journalist. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Radical party, he edited its organ, Hromads’kyi holos, as well as other periodicals, such as Pratsia (Chernivtsi), Svoboda (Lviv), and the literary biweekly magazine S’vit. After leaving the Ukrainian Radical party in 1899, he helped found the National Democratic party and represented it in the Austrian parliament (1907–18). In 1927–30 he founded and headed the pro-Soviet Ukrainian Party of Labor and edited its weekly, Rada (Lviv). He wrote works on socioeconomic topics, including Kul’turna nuzhda avstriis’koï Rusy (The Cultural Impoverishment of Austrian Ruthenia, 1880), Agrarni vidnosyny v Halychyni (Agrarian Relations in Galicia, 1894), Ril’nycha produktsiia u Skhidnii Halychyni i na Bukovyni (Agricultural Production in Eastern Galicia and Bukovyna, 1896), Panshchyna, ieï pochatok i skasovanie (Serfdom, Its Origin, and Abolition, 1898), Khlops’ka posilist’ v Halychyni (Peasant Property in Galicia, 1901), Nashi het’many (Our Hetmans, 1907), and Istoriia Ukraïny (The History of Ukraine, 2 vols, 1924). After 1921 he devoted himself mostly to writing literature. He contributed over 100 stories to the American daily Svoboda (USA). He is the author of short historical adventure novels, including Osaul Pidkova, Plastun (The Scout), Krov za krov (Blood for Blood), Pid odnu bulavu (Under One Command), and Shliakhets’ke pravo (The Noble Right). His story collections include Strimholov (Headlong, 1897), Iak cholovik ziishov na pana (How Man Degenerated into a Master, 1897), Opovidannia (Stories, 1897), Do viry bat’kiv (To the Faith of Our Fathers, 1924), and Opryshok ta inshi opovidannia (The Opryshok and Other Stories, 1927).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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