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Harvard Ukrainian Studies [HUS]. The scholarly journal published by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, since March 1977. Initially, published under the editorship of Omeljan Pritsak and Ihor Ševčenko, the journal dealt primarily with the history of Ukraine, linguistics, and literature, but it has gradually developed an interdisciplinary approach that placed Ukrainian studies within a broad scholarly context. It publishes articles and historical documents with analysis or interpretation, as well as book reviews.

At first a quarterly, HUS later appeared in the format of double issues annually and occasionally in single volumes. The format has included both standard miscellaneous issues and thematic volumes. The themes covered have included ‘The Kiev Mohyla Academy’ (1984, vol. 8, no. 1–2), ‘The Political and Social Ideas of Viaceslav Lypyns'kyj’ (1985, vol. 9, no. 3–4), ‘Concepts of Nationhood in Early Modern Eastern Europe’ (1986, vol. 10, no. 3–4), ‘Proceedings of the International Congress Commemorating the Millennium of Christianity in Rus’-Ukraine’ (1988, vol. 12–13), ‘Lviv: a City in the Crosscurrents of Culture’ (2000, vol. 24), ‘Ukrainian Church History’ (2002–2003, vol. 26), ‘Ukrainian Philology and Linguistics in the Twenty-First Century’ (2007, vol. 29), ‘After the Holodomor: The Enduring Impact of the Great Famine on Ukraine’ (2008, vol. 30), ‘Poltava 1709: The Battle and the Myth’ (2009–2010, vol. 31), ‘Future of the Past: New Perspectives on Ukrainian History’ (2015–2016, vol. 34), ‘Battle for Ukrainian: A Comparative Perspective’ (2017–2018, vol. 35), and ‘One Hundred Years after the Revolution’ (2019, vol. 36, no. 1–2).

Over the years, a number of prominent scholars from the United States of America, Canada, Ukraine, and other countries have written for the journal, among them James Cracraft, Michael Flier, David Frick, Boris Gasparov, Borys Gudziak, Zvi Gitelman, Harvey Goldblatt, George Grabowicz, Andrea Graziosi, Mark von Hagen, John-Paul Himka, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Edward Keenan, Zenon Kohut, Nancy Kollmann, Hiroaki Kuromiya, Volodymyr Kravchenko, Horace Lunt, Paul Robert Magocsi, Michael Moser, Alexander Motyl, Donald Ostrowski, Marko Pavlyshyn, Riccardo Picchio, Andrzej Poppe, Omeljan Pritsak, Serhii Plokhy, Thomas Prymak, Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky, George Yurii Shevelov, Ihor Ševčenko, Frank Sysyn, Roman Szporluk, Janusz Tazbir, Andrzej Walicki, and Lawrence Wolff.

As of 2020, HUS has published 37 volumes. The journal’s new website was launched in 2019. It features the journal’s complete archives and offers online access to all journal materials on a variety of devices for both individual and institutional subscribers.

HUS website: https://www.husj.harvard.edu/

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