Khomyn, Petro

Khomyn, Petro [Хомин, Петро; Xomyn], b 12 July 1890 in Piddnistriany, Bibrka county, Galicia, d 22 October 1988 in Toronto, Ontario. Clergyman and cultural figure. Khomyn studied theology and philosophy at Lviv University and Vienna University and law at Brno University in Czechoslovakia. Ordained in 1923, from 1924 he lived in Lviv, where he was a pastor and taught catechism in several Ukrainian gymnasiums (until 1939) and served as secretary of the Greek Catholic Theological Academy (1928–39), general secretary (1928–31) of the Ukrainian Theological Scholarly Society, coeditor of the quarterly Bohosloviia (1924–6), and editor of the clerical monthly Nyva (1929–39). From 1941 he edited the biweekly Voskresennia in Cracow. In 1944 he immigrated to Austria and in 1950 to Canada. In Toronto he edited the Catholic weekly Nasha meta (1951–83) and the revived literary quarterly Nyva (1977–80). From 1971 he was the president of the Ukrainian Catholic Press Association.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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