Kirovohrad Regional Studies Museum

Image - An exposition at the Kirovohrad Regional Studies Museum. Image - An exposition at the Kirovohrad Regional Studies Museum.

Kirovohrad Regional Studies Museum (Кіровоградський краєзнавчий музей; Kirovohradskyi kraieznavchyi muzei). Founded in 1883 as a museum of the Yelysavethrad Zemstvo School, this Kropyvnytskyi-based regional studies museum has departments for the natural history of the region and for Ukrainian history; a regional-studies exposition; the Oleksander Illin picture gallery which includes many unique artifacts donated to the museum in 1994 by the estate of the local antiquities collector O. Illin; a branch, the Marko Kropyvnytsky memorial museum; the Ivan Karpenko-Kary Khutir Nadiia Museum-Preserve; and a museum of the history of Ukrainian choreography. It also maintains a special collection relating to Yurii Yanovsky. In 2009 the museum had over 80,000 exponents, many relating to the history of the Ukrainian theater, including materials on Ivan Karpenko-Kary, Marko Kropyvnytsky, and Ivan Mykytenko. The art collection includes works by Ivan Aivazovsky, Vladimir Makovsky, and Kostiantyn Trutovsky.

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