Levytsky, Yaroslav

Levytsky, Yaroslav [Левицький, Ярослав; Levyc'kyi, Jaroslav], b 3 May 1878 in Pistyn, Kosiv county, Galicia, d 1961 in Sukhovolia, Horodok (Lviv oblast) raion, Lviv oblast. Catholic priest, scholar, and publicist. He was ordained in 1901 after finishing theological studies in Lviv, and then taught at the Academic Gymnasium of Lviv, the Greek Catholic Theological Academy, and the Ukrainian theology faculty at Lviv University (from 1921). He wrote many works, including Katolyts'kyi narodnii katekhyzm (The Catholic Folk [Popular] Catechism, 3 vols, 1913–14), a translation of the Gospels (1921), Psalter (1925), several surveys of church history, a survey of early Ukrainian homiletics (1930; 2nd edn 1973), and numerous popular and scholarly works. He also edited many journals, including Nyva (1904–7 and 1910–18), Osnova (Lviv) (1906–13), and Nova rada (Lviv) (1919–20).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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