Nova rada (Lviv)

Nova rada (Lviv) (New Council). A conservative, Catholic daily published in Lviv in 1919–20. The paper was founded by Rev Yosyp Zastyrets; after the first few issues it was taken over by a public committee consisting of Rev Tyt Teodosii Halushchynsky, Rev Leontii Kunytsky, Rev Havryil Kostelnyk, Mykola Chubaty, Rev O. Malytsky, and Ostap Makarushka. Among the contributors to Nova rada were Viacheslav Budzynovsky, Ilarion Svientsitsky, Mykhailo Halushchynsky, and Revs Yaroslav Levytsky (the chief editor) and Oleksander Stefanovych. In 1920 the public committee also published Pravda, a more popular weekly edited by Chubaty. Neither paper recognized the Polish occupation of Galicia. Both were frequently censored, had issues confiscated, and were eventually closed down by the Polish authorities.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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