Muzychna Ukraina

Muzychna Ukraina [Музична Україна; Musical Ukraine]. A publishing house established in Kyiv in 1966 which developed out of the music division of Mystetstvo publishers. The major producer of music editions in Ukraine. During Soviet times, it had five editorial departments (musicology, Soviet songs and vocal music, instrumental music, textbook editions, and esthetic appreciation for children and youth). It published the series ‘Ukraïns'ka symfonichna muzyka’ (Ukrainian Symphonic Music), ‘Perlyny svitovoï muzyky’ (Pearls of World Music), and ‘Symfonichna muzyka XX stolittia’ (Symphonic Music of the 20th Century), as well as the learner series ‘Skrypka’ (The Violin) and ‘Fortepiano’ (The Pianoforte). It also published the musicological series ‘Tvorchi portrety ukraïns’kykh kompozytoriv’ (Portraits of Ukrainian Composers and Their Work), the annual Ukraïns’ke muzykoznavstvo, the bimonthly periodical Muzyka, and Muzychni vechory (Musical Evenings), a monthly compilation of works for amateur ensembles. Without a stable government support after 1991, Muzychna Ukraina went through a period of crisis in the 1990s and temporarily ceased its operations. Currently it publishes only a few books per year. Over the years, Muzychna Ukraina has published over 5500 books and musical scores.

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