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Muzyka [«Музика»; Music]. The foremost Ukrainian music journal. Established as the official publication of the Leontovych Music Society, it was published monthly in Kyiv in 1923–6 and semimonthly in 1927 (the last three issues were published in Kharkiv). Muzyka contained articles on the history of Ukrainian music, and musical ethnography, music criticism, reviews of the musical life, biographies, and bibliographical material. Mykola Hrinchenko, Klyment Kvitka, P. Klymko, Mykhailo Verykivsky, Pylyp Kozytsky, and Ya. Yurmas worked on the periodical. Muzyka was renamed Ukraïns’ka muzychna hazeta in 1926. In 1928, after the dissolution of the Leontovych society, the journal was replaced by the monthly Muzyka masam, renamed Muzyka mas in 1931. In 1933–4 and in 1936–41 it appeared bimonthly in Kyiv under the title Radians’ka muzyka. In 1970 Muzyka was revived in Kyiv (on the basis of the arts magazine Mystetstvo) as a bimonthly publication sponsored by Ministry of Culture of the Ukrainian SSR, the Union of Composers of Ukraine, and the Music Society of the Ukrainian SSR.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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