Music criticism

Image - Muzyka (No. 1 2014).

Music criticism. A branch of musicology that provides readers of periodical publications with a professional opinion about musical events and phenomena. The first Ukrainian music critics appeared in the early decades of the 20th century; among them were Stanyslav Liudkevych, Vasyl Barvinsky, Pylyp Kozytsky, and, later, Antin Rudnytsky and Nestor Nyzhankivsky. The development of music criticism benefited from the founding of the music journals Muzyka, Muzyka masam, and, later, Ukraïns’ka muzyka and the growth of musical institutions throughout Ukraine. Subsequently, new critics began to publish their work, among them Ihor Belza, M. Mykhailov, Mykola Hordiichuk, Volodymyr Hoshovsky, and M. Zahaikevych. In émigré publications, the most prominent critics have been Pavlo Matsenko, Roman Prydatkevych, Rudnytsky, Mykola Fomenko, Volodymyr Hrudyn, Andrii Olkhovsky, Wasyl Wytwycky, Roman Savytsky Jr., Arystyd Vyrsta, and Teodor Yuskiv. Many articles of music criticism have appeared in Visti (Minneapolis, 1962–71), Suchasnist’, and other émigré periodicals.

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