Myloradovych [Милорадович; Myloradovyč] (Miloradovich). A family of Cossack starshyna and Russian nobility of Serbian origin. The progenitor was a 17th-century Herzegovinian, Rodion Miloradovich. His grandsons, Mihajlo, Gavrilo, and Aleksandar Miloradovich, went over to the Russian side during the Russo-Turkish War of 1711, and Peter I rewarded them with high posts and estates in Left-Bank Ukraine. Mihajlo (d 25 September 1726) served as colonel of Hadiach regiment (1715–26) and signed the Kolomak Petitions of 1723. Gavrilo (d 1730) succeeded him as colonel (1727–9) but was removed because of his excesses and rapacity. Several lines of the Myloradovych family stemmed from the three brothers and included many Ukrainian and Russian statesmen, military leaders, and cultural figures.

Aleksandar's son, Mykhailo, was colonel of Izium regiment in Slobidska Ukraine (1759–61), and Mykhailo's grandson, also Mykhailo, was a Ukrainian autonomist and marshal of the nobility in Poltava gubernia in 1807. Mihajlo's grandson Petro (1723 to 18 January 1799) studied at the Kyivan Mohyla Academy and was the last colonel of Chernihiv regiment (1762–83). Petro's son, Hryhorii (19 January 1765 to 30 May 1828), was general judge of Chernihiv (1799) and governor of Tavriia gubernia (1802–3). Hryhorii's grandsons were the historian Hryhorii Myloradovych and Leonid (1841–1908), who was a diplomat, secretary of the Russian embassy in Stuttgart (1862), deputy governor of Kyiv gubernia (1878), and governor of Podilia gubernia (1879–82). Petro's brother Andrii (1726 to 13 June 1796) also studied at the Kyivan Mohyla Academy, was a fellow of the standard (1747–9), and fought in the Seven Years' War and the Russo-Turkish War of 1769–74, from 1771 as lieutenant general. He served as governor of Little Russia (1779) and Chernihiv vicegerency (from 1781) and directed the writing of a description of Left-Bank Ukraine in 1779–81. Andrii's son, Mykhailo (Mikhail, 12 October 1771 to 27 December 1825), became a Russian general and count, the military governor of Kyiv (1810–12), a member of the Russian State Council and the Committee of Ministers, and the military governor of Saint Petersburg (from 1818). He was killed during the Decembrist uprising in Saint Petersburg. The ethnographer Vasyl Myloradovych is descended from the family line begun by Gavrilo.

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