Myshchenko, Fedir H.

Myshchenko, Fedir H. [Мищенко, Федір; Myščenko] (Mishchenko, Fedor), b 18 February 1847 in Pryluky, Poltava gubernia, d 10 November 1906 in Kyiv. Classical philologist. While a student (1866–70) and a docent (1872–84) at Kyiv University, he was active in the Hromada of Kyiv, was a member of the Historical Society of Nestor the Chronicler (from 1874), and served on the editorial board of Kievskaia starina. His Ukrainophile sympathies, correspondence with Mykhailo Drahomanov, and critical articles in the press cost him his job at Kyiv University and earned him administrative exile from Kyiv. From 1889 to 1903 he was a professor of classics at Kazan University. His articles on Greek literature, writers, history, and historians and on the Scythian world were published in Universitetskie izvestiia (Kyiv), Zhurnal Ministerstva narodnogo prosveshcheniia, and Filologicheskoe obozrenie and in the Brockhaus and Efron Russian encyclopedia. His biography, by A. Shorman, was published in Kazan in 1974.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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