National Music Academy of Ukraine

Image - The Kyiv Conservatory (original building).

National Music Academy of Ukraine (Національна музична академія України ім. П. Чайковського; Natsionalna muzychna akademiia Ukrainy im. P. Chaikovskoho). A higher music school in Kyiv. It was formed as Kyiv Conservatory in 1913 out of the music school which had existed from 1868 under the Kyiv Branch of the Russian Music Society. The first principals were Volodymyr Pukhalsky (1913) and Reinhold Glière (1914–20). In 1925 the conservatory was turned into a music tekhnikum, and it was restored in 1934. Since then, the conservatory’s rectors included Abram Lufer (1934–41 and 1944–48), Oleksander Klimov (1948–54), Andrii Shtoharenko (1954–68), Ivan Liashenko (1968–74), Mykola Kondratiuk (1974–83), Oleh Tymoshenko (1983–2004), and Volodymyr Rozhok (2004–). In 1995 it was reorganied into a music academy and assumed its present name.

Today it is the largest music school and research center in Ukraine. It has four faculties: history and theory of music and composition; piano; vocal music and conducting; and orchestra, and an enrollment of over 1000 students. Such distinguished Ukrainian musicologists and composers as Lev Revutsky, Borys Liatoshynsky, Pylyp Kozytsky, Mykhailo Verykivsky, Andrii Shtoharenko, Ivan Patorzhynsky, and Kostiantyn Dankevych have served on its faculty. Many of its graduates have distinguished themselves as musicians and composers; eg, Heorhii Maiboroda, Platon Maiboroda, Dmytro Hnatiuk, Yevheniia Miroshnychenko, Valentyn Sylvestrov, Leonid Hrabovsky, Yevhen Stankovych, Mykola Kondratiuk, Arkadii Filipenko, Oleksander Bilash, Vitalii Kyreiko, and many others.

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