Savchak, Demian

Savchak, Demian [Савчак, Дем’ян; Savčak, Dem’jan], b 13 July 1847 in Nowa Wieś, Nowy Sącz county, Galicia, d 29 December 1912 in Lviv. Judge and civic leader. A graduate of Lviv University and the University of Cracow (LL D), he was an executive member of the National Democratic party, a deputy to the Galician Diet, and a member of the Galician provincial executive for twelve years (1889–1901). He used his public office to promote the development of Raiffeisen credit co-operatives in Galicia. He was also a founding member and the first director of the Dnister credit union, one of the founders of the Dnister Insurance Company, and a member of the audit committee of the Provincial Audit Union. After losing his seat in the Diet he was appointed to the provincial court in Lviv. Upon retirement he opened his own law office in Borshchiv and was elected deputy marshal of the county council.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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