Shchyrsky, Ivan

Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: Students of Kyivan Mohyla Academy (1701). Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: Ttitle page from Lazar Baranovych Grace and Truth (1683). Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: illustrations to poetic theses by Obidovsky (Kyiv Mohyla Academy) (1708). Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: illustrations to poetic theses (Kyiv Mohyla Academy) (1708) (detail). Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: Title page from Jan Ornowski The Rich Garden (1705). Image - Ivan Shchyrsky: Portrait of Metropolitan Varlaam Yasynsky (copper plate, 1707).

Shchyrsky, Ivan [Щирський, Іван; Ščyrs’kyj] (monastic name: Inokentii), b ca 1650, most likely in the Chernihiv region, d 1714 in Liubech, Chernihiv regiment. Baroque engraver. He studied engraving under Oleksander Tarasevych at the Vilnius Academy Press (1677–80) and theology and literature at the academy. He worked as a master engraver in Vilnius (1680–3) and then in Chernihiv (Chernihiv Press) and Kyiv (Kyivan Cave Monastery Press), where he also taught poetics at the Kyivan Mohyla College. In 1686 he took monastic vows at the Kyivan Cave Monastery, and soon afterward he cofounded the Saint Anthony of the Caves Monastery in Liubech.

Shchyrsky created over 100 copper engravings. Those from his Vilnius period included copies of the Częstochowa and other miraculous icons, coats of arms (eg, for Adam Kysil), and pictures of Christ carrying the cross and Saint Dominic, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint John Chrysostom, and Saint Michael Gedroyc. During his time in Ukraine he created many fine, detailed engravings: illustrations for religious and panegyrical books, such as Lazar Baranovych's Blahodat’ i istyna (Grace and Truth, 1683), L. Krzczonowicz's Redivivus Phoenix (1683) and Ilias oratoria (1698), Stefan Yavorsky's Echo głosu wołającego na puszczy (Echo of a Voice of One Calling in the Wilderness, 1689), Pylyp Orlyk's Hippomenes Sarmacki ... (The Sarmatian Hippomenes ..., 1698), and Jan Ornowski's Bogaty ... wirydarz Zacharzewskich ... (The Rich ... Orchard of the Zacharzhewskis ..., 1705); L. Baranovych's coat of arms (1683); a depiction of the Dormition (1686); antimensia for Patriarch Adrian of Moscow (1694, with Leontii Tarasevych and A. Fedir), Archbishop Ioan Maksymovych of Chernihiv (1697), and Metropolitan Yoasaf Krokovsky of Kyiv (1708); the famous engraving Labarum triumphale ... (1698) for the poetic thesis honoring Prokopii Kalachynsky, the rector of the Kyivan Mohyla College; a portrait of Metropolitan Varlaam Yasynsky (1707); and two large, complex illustrations to poetic theses of scholarly disputes at the Kyivan Mohyla Academy in 1708, dedicated to Yasynsky and Field Marshal B. Sheremetev. Dmytro Stepovyk's book about Shchyrsky and the poetic image in Ukrainian baroque engraving was published in Kyiv in 1988.

Dmytro Stepovyk

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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