Starosolska, Uliana

Image - The Starosolsky family: (left to right) Uliana, Volodymyr, Dariia, Yurii, and Ihor Starosolsky.

Starosolska, Uliana [Старосольська, Уляна; Starosol's'ka, Uljana; pseud: У. Любович; U. Liubovych], b 31 March 1912 in Lviv, d 4 December 2011 in New York. Journalist and writer; daughter of Volodymyr Starosolsky and Dariia Starosolska, sister of Yurii Starosolsky and Ihor Starosolsky. In 1936–9 she edited the Lviv periodicals Nova khata, Na slidi, and Hospodars’ko-kooperatyvnyi chasopys. In April 1940 she, her mother, and her brother Ihor were exiled by the Soviet authorities to Kazakhstan. After being released in May 1946, she was allowed to live in Poland, from which she emigrated to the United States in 1967. There she published her memoirs, Rozkazhu vam pro Kazakhstan (Let Me Tell You about Kazakhstan, 1969); edited the women’s monthly Nashe zhyttia/Our Life (1972–84, 1987–90); and contributed stories, essays, and sketches to the émigré press.

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