Tselevych, Yuliian

Tselevych, Yuliian [Целевич, Юліян; Celevyč, Julijan], b 23 March 1843 in Pavelche, Stanyslaviv circle, Galicia, d 24 December 1892 in Lviv. Teacher and historian. After studying at Lviv University (1862–5) and the University of Vienna (1865–8, PH D, 1878), where he was involved in the Sich student society of Vienna, he taught in Stanyslaviv and Lviv (from 1875 at the Academic Gymnasium of Lviv) and wrote works on Galician history, including Istoriia Skytu Maniavs’koho (History of the Maniava Hermitage, 1886) and some of the first studies of the opryshoks. In 1892 he became the first head of the reorganized Shevchenko Scientific Society.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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