Ukrainian Higher School of Economics

Ukrainian Higher School of Economics [Українська економічна висока школа; Ukrainska ekonomichna vysoka shkola, or УЕВС; UEVS]. An institute of higher education established in Munich in 1945 by Ukrainian displaced persons. Its mandate, from the American military authorities, was to prepare cadres for government, co-operative, and private-enterprise posts. The program at UEVS lasted for eight semesters and consisted of 58 subjects and three seminars. Subjects were divided into 10 departments: accounting, national and private husbandry, statistics, geographical economics, trade, public and private law, sociology, and co-operative theory. Among the professors at UEVS were Mykola Velychkivsky, Illia Vytanovych, Sviatozor Drahomanov, Ivan Zamsha, Borys Martos, Matvii Stakhiv, and Yurii Studynsky. The rectors of UEVS were B. Martos (1945–9) and K. Kosenko (1950–1). The UEVS was liquidated in 1951 as a result of financial restraints and the emigration of both potential students and professors. In the six years that it operated it graduated some 280 students, among them one with a doctorate in economics.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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