Ukrainian Military History Society

Ukrainian Military History Society (Українське воєнно-історичне товариство; Ukrainske voienno-istorychne tovarystvo). A society of military historians and veterans of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic in Poland. Its statute was confirmed on 5 August 1920 by Volodymyr Salsky, the defense minister of the Government-in-exile of the Ukrainian National Republic. The first general assembly of the society took place in Kalisz in 1925. The society’s presidents were Andrii Vovk (1925–29), Mykola Yunakiv (1929–31), Marko Bezruchko (1931–35), Vsevolod Zmiienko (1935–38), and Mykhailo Sadovsky (1938–39). It published nine volumes of historical materials titled Za derzhavnist’ and its members contributed to other military journals, such as Tabor. In 1939 the society was disbanded by the German authorities. The society’s work was revived after the Second World War in emigration when Mykhailo Sadovsky established the Ukrainian Military History Institute in Toronto.

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