Ukrainian National Aid Association of America

Ukrainian National Aid Association of America (Українська народна поміч; Ukrainska narodna pomich, or УНП; UNAAA). A fraternal-benefit life-insurance society founded in 1914 and known until 1926 as the National Aid Association (Народна поміч; Narodna pomich). Until the Second World War most of its members were Orthodox; in the postwar period it has been dominated by members of the Ukrainian Liberation Front. Since 1914 the UNAAA has published Narodne slovo, renamed Ukraïns’ke narodne slovo in 1959, as its official organ. The association also produces an annual almanac titled (since 1960) Zolotyi homin (The Golden Echo), as well as various books, plays, and songbooks. The association maintained contact with civic organizations in Western Ukraine and sent them financial aid. As a founding member of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, it donated funds for the resettlement of Ukrainian displaced persons in the United States. In 1961 it expanded into Canada. In 1981 its head office was moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago. In 1990 the UNAAA had 8,710 members in 161 branches. Its presidents have included D. Porada (1915–23), V. Sorochak (1923–34), M. Markiv (1934–42), V. Shabatura (1942–62), and V. Mazur (1966–90). In 1977 Leonid Poltava prepared Istoriia Ukraïns'koï narodnoï pomochi v Amerytsi i Kanadi (History of the Ukrainian National Aid Association in the United States and Canada).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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