Ukrainian Student Hromada in Saint Petersburg

Ukrainian Student Hromada in Saint Petersburg [Українська студентська громада в Петербурзі; Ukrainska studentska hromada v Peterburzi]. An association of Ukrainian students attending the various institutions of higher learning in Saint Petersburg, founded in 1898. Its purpose was to raise the national consciousness of Ukrainian students. It had a student choir and maintained close ties with the Ukrainian community in Saint Petersburg. Its members were active in the Revolutionary Ukrainian party and the Society of Ukrainian Progressives. The membership in the Hromada grew steadily: in 1905 there were 60 members, in 1908, 100, and on the eve of the First World War, 300. The heads of the Hromada were Serhii Shemet, Vasyl Mazurenko, Dmytro Doroshenko, and Serhii Tymoshenko, among others. Active and noteworthy members were Mykola Maslov, Dmytro Dontsov, Yevhen Neronovych, Mykola Skrypnyk, Borys Ivanytsky, and Ilarion Kosenko. The Hromada published the magazine Ukraïns’kyi student (Ukrainian Student, 1913–14). In 1916 the Hromada ceased operations.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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