Vikna [«Вікна»; Windows]. A Sovietophile literary, art, and political monthly published in Lviv from November 1927 to September 1932. In 1929 it became the organ of the writers’ group Horno. Among the contributors were its editors, Vasyl Bobynsky and Stepan Tudor, and other Western Ukrainian left-wing writers, such as Yaroslav Halan, Oleksander Havryliuk, A. Ivanchuk, Petro Kozlaniuk, Ya. Kondra, Stepan Masliak, I. Mykhailiuk, V. Myzynets, Dmytro Osichny, Myroslava Sopilka, and K. Tkach. The journal also printed works and reviews by Soviet Ukrainian writers and critics. Vikna included translations of Soviet Russian and Belarusian literature by Bobynsky, Halan, Kozlaniuk, and Maik Yohansen; book reviews; a theater supplement; articles criticizing Dmytro Dontsov, the journal Vistnyk group, and the Polish regime; a literary and art chronicle; and news of cultural and political developments in Soviet Ukraine. Vikna was subject to censorship and confiscation and was finally closed down by the Polish authorities. O. Kizlyk’s systematic index of its contents (Lviv 1966) and Y. Tsokh’s bibliography of Western Ukrainian belletristic works in it (Kyiv 1981) have been published.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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