Woycenko, Olha

Woycenko, Olha or Olga [Войценко, Ольга; Vojcenko; née Hawrysyshyn], b 25 July 1909 in Winnipeg, d 13 April 1996 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Editor and researcher. After graduating from business college, she worked for the newspaper Ukraïns’kyi holos and the Trident Press in Winnipeg. She later held various management and editorial positions with the newspaper. Olha Woycenko became active in numerous ethnocultural, community and women’s organizations holding executive positions at local, provincial and national levels. She was national president of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (1948–54) and the Women’s Section of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee (now Congress) (1959–62). She was also active in Ukrainian literary, academic and political organizations. Woycenko was the compiler of Litopys ukraïns'koho zhyttia v Kanadi (Annals of Ukrainian Life in Canada, 8 vols, 1961–92), based on information gleaned from the newspaper Ukraïns’kyi holos. She was the editor of Ukraïns'ka Kenora (Ukrainian Kenora [Ontario], (1965) and author of The Ukrainians in Canada (1967) and of a substantial number of shorter booklets and pamphlets. In 1976 she moved to Ottawa where she continued her research and writing on Ukrainian Canadian history and Ukrainian literature in Canada. Olha Woycenko donated a substantial archive, that included her own papers as well as those of her husband Petro Woycenko, to Library and Archives Canada (LAC, Olha Woycenko Papers [MG30 D212]).

Myron Momryk

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