Zerkalo («Зеркало»; The Mirror). (1) A semimonthly illustrated humor magazine (see Humoristic and satiric press) published in Lviv in 1882–6 (in 1883–5 as Nove zerkalo). Editors and regular contributors to both magazines included Kornylo Ustyianovych (who also illustrated the journal), Vasyl Nahirny, Kost Levytsky, Yevhen Olesnytsky, I. Hrabovych, V. Kotsovsky, V. Liskovatsky, Volodymyr Masliak, and Ivan Franko. Zerkalo directed most of its satire against the Russophile movement in Western Ukraine.

(2) A semimonthly political humor magazine published in Lviv in 1889–93. It was edited by Volodymyr L. Levytsky, Kost Pankivsky, and then I. Krylovsky.

(3) A semimonthly humor magazine published in Lviv in 1906–10. It claimed to be the continuation of the magazine published in 1889–93, and it retained the same numbering system. The editor was O. Dembitsky. In 1910 it was called Nove zerkalo.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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