Zubrytsky, Volodymyr

Zubrytsky, Volodymyr [Зубрицький, Володимир; Zubryc'kyj], b 22 January 1888 in Mshanets, Galicia, d 29 July 1978 in Lviv. Pedagogue and civic and political leader; son of Mykhailo Zubrytsky. A teacher in the Peremyshl State Gymnasium and the Ukrainian Girls' Institute in Peremyshl, he was an active promoter of education in Peremyshl and the Sian region. He wrote a study of Herasym Smotrytsky. In 1928–30 he was elected to the Polish Sejm. In 1947 he was sent to a Soviet labor camp in the Siberia. Released in 1958, he returned to Lviv.

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