Lyzohub [Лизогуб]. A family line of Cossack starshyna from the Pereiaslav region, known from the Bohdan Khmelnytsky period. Ivan Lyzohub (Kobyzenko) was colonel of Kaniv regiment (1659, 1662) and Uman regiment (1659–61) and was Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky's emissary to Moscow (1658). He was shot on Yurii Khmelnytsky's orders in late 1662 or early 1663. His brother was Yakiv K. Lyzohub. Yakiv's son, Yukhym (d 1704), was general standard-bearer (1688–90), general flag-bearer (1694–8), colonel of Chernihiv regiment (1698–1704), and Hetman Petro Doroshenko's son-in-law. Yukhym's sons were Yakiv Yu. Lyzohub and Semen Lyzohub (b 1678 or 1680, d 19 April 1734 in Hrodna); Semen graduated from the Kyivan Mohyla Academy in 1699 and was a fellow of the standard in 1715–34. The family also included Illia Lyzohub (b 26 October 1787 in Kulykivka, Horodnia county, d 1867 in Sedniv, Chernihiv county), who was an accomplished musician and composer, a member of the United Slavs Masonic Lodge in Kyiv, and his brother, Andrii Lyzohub; both were aldermen in Sedniv; their third brother, Oleksander Lyzohub, was a noted pianist and composer, the author of piano works based on Ukrainian folk songs. Andrii's sons were Dmytro Lyzohub and Fedir Lyzohub; Fedir was head of the Hetman government in 1918.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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