Nowosielski, Jerzy [Новосільський, Юрій; Novosilsky, Iurii], b 7 January 1923 in Cracow, Poland, d 21 February 2011. Polish painter of Ukrainian origin. A graduate of Cracow Academy of Fine Arts (1947), he worked a professor there since 1976. He studied icon painting under Ilarion Svientsitsky in Lviv in 1942–3. His works have been exhibited in Poland since 1955. Most of his works are figural and abstract compositions displaying the influence of Byzantine art and Ukrainian icons. He has painted murals in the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Lourdes, France, and in Polish churches and designed scenery for Polish theaters and the iconostasis (1972) in the Orthodox church in Cracow. He designed and decorated the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Biały Bór. Solo exhibitions of his works have been held in Berlin (1958), Paris (1963), London (1963), Vienna (1966), Karlskrona, Sweden (1978), and Stockholm (1978). J. Madeyski's book about him was published in Cracow in 1973. Nowosielski was the author of Wokół ikony (About the Icon, 1985) and Inność prawosławia (Uniqueness of the Orthodoxy, 1991).

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