Shkurupii, Geo [Шкурупій, Ґео; Škurupij] (Yurii), b 20 April 1903 in Bendery, Bessarabia gubernia, now in Moldova, d 8 December 1937 in Leningrad. Writer of poetry and prose. His first published work appeared in the almanac Hrono in 1920. He was an active member of the Association of Panfuturists and Komunkult, and subsequently Nova Generatsiia. His works were published in Vyr revoliutsiï, Shliakhy mystetstva, Hlobus, Hrono, Semafor u maibutnie, Zhyttia i revoliutsiia, Nova generatsiia, Chervonyi shliakh, and Literaturna hazeta. His collections of poetry include Psykhotezy (Psychotheses, 1922), Baraban (The Drum, 1923), Zharyny sliv (The Embers of Words, 1925), More (The Sea, 1927), and Dlia druziv poetiv—suchasnykiv vichnosty (To My Friends the Poets, Contemporaries of Eternity, 1929). His short stories include ‘Peremozhets' drakona’ (The Slayer of the Dragon, 1925), ‘Pryhody mashynista Khorpa’ (The Adventures of Khorp the Machinist, 1925), ‘Shtab smerty’ (Death Staff, 1926), ‘Sichneve povstannia’ (The January Uprising, 1928), ‘Zruinovanyi polon’ (Ruined Captivity, 1930), ‘Strashna myt'’ (A Terrible Moment, 1930), and those collected in Monhol’s’ki opovidannia (Mongolian Stories, 1930). His novellas and novels include Dveri v den’ (The Door to the Day, 1929), Zhanna batal’ionerka (Zhanna the Battalion Member, 1930), and Mis Andriiena (Miss Andriena, 1934). He was arrested in 1934, sentenced to 10 years in concentration camps, resentenced by a special NKVD tribunal, and shot.

Ivan Koshelivets

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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