Image - The secondary school No. 1 in Khorol, Poltava oblast. Image - The Khorol River near the town of Khorol, Poltava oblast.

Khorol [Хорол; Xorol]. Map: IV-14. Town (2011 pop 13,720) situated on the Khorol River and raion center in Poltava oblast. First mentioned in 1083, the town was destroyed in the Mongol invasion. It came under Lithuanian rule in 1362 and, following the Union of Lublin in 1596 under Polish control. From the outset of the Cossack-Polish War in 1648 to 1782 it was a company town in Myrhorod regiment. From 1782, as part of the Russian Empire and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it was a county center in the Kyiv vicegerency (1782–5) and Chernihiv vicegerency (1795–7); in Little Russia gubernia (1797–1802), Poltava gubernia (1802–1920), and Kremenchuk gubernia (1920–2); and a raion center in Kremenchuk okruha (1923–32), Kharkiv oblast (1932–7) and Poltava oblast (1937–). Today the town’s main industry is food-processing.

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