Lviv Historical Museum

Image - Lviv's Korniakt Building (1580): the courtyard loggia. Image - Lviv Historical Museum (exposition hall). Image - Lviv Historical Museum (exposition hall).

Lviv Historical Museum (Львівський історичний музей; Lvivskyi istorychnyi muzei). A state museum established in Lviv in 1940 on the basis of Lviv’s Historical Museum (est 1893) and Polish People’s Museum (est 1903) and supplemented with collections from the museums of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Stauropegion Institute, and the Greek Catholic Theological Academy as well as the National Museum and the Lubomirski Museum. It is housed in three Renaissance buildings (including the Korniakt building and the Black Building) in the old market square in the center of the city. Its holdings consist of about 300,000 items, connected mostly with the city’s history beginning in the 13th century and with the western oblasts of Ukraine. The museum has five departments: archeology and ancient history, historical treasures, history of western Ukrainian lands in the 19th and 20th csnturies, Ukrainian diaspora, and the Lviv Arsenal Museum. It has valuable archeological monuments of the Trypillia culture, the Bronze Age, and the Scythian art, numismatic and sphragistic collections, and rich collections of weapons, tools, printing presses, manuscripts and incunabula, jewelry, art glass, weaving, and graphic art and prints.

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