Staryi Krym

Image - Staryi Krym: ruins of the Moslem school. Image - Staryi Krym: Surb Khach Armenian monastery.

Staryi Krym [Старий Крим; Staryj Krym]. Map: VIII-16. A city (2011 pop 9,446) in the raion of Kirovske (Crimea), the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Artifacts dating back to the last few centuries BC have been found at the site of an ancient settlement called Kariia. In the 6th century it was known as Surkhat or Solkhat. Under the rule of the Golden Horde it was called Krym or Kerym and was the residence of the khan’s viceregent. When the capital of the Crimean Khanate moved to Bakhchysarai in the 15th century, Krym declined and became known as Eski Krym (Old Crimea). It was annexed with the rest of the Crimea by Russia in 1783, was raised to city status in 1784, and was known as Levkopol for a few years thereafter. Today the town manufactures reinforced-concrete products, footwear, and furniture. A health resort just outside the town treats tuberculosis. The main architectural monuments are the remains of a 14th-century mosque, Armenian monastery, and caravansary.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

Image - Staryi Krym: Surb Khach Armenian monastery.

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