Zahul, Dmytro

Zahul, Dmytro [Загул, Дмитро; pseuds: I. Maidan, B. Tyverets], b 28 August 1890 in Miliieve, Bukovyna, d 1944 in the Kolyma region. Writer. He belonged to the Muzahet group of symbolist poets. He later joined the Zakhidnia Ukraina group. His first published works appeared in the newspaper Bukovyna in 1907. Later he published in Hart, Hlobus, Zhyttia i revoliutsiia, Chervonyi shliakh, and other journals and almanacs. Collections of his poetry include Z zelenykh hir (From the Green Mountains, 1918), Na hrani (On the Edge, 1919), Nash den' (Our Day, 1923), Motyvy (Motifs, 1927), and the posthumous Vybrane (Selections, 1961). He also wrote a textbook on poetics, Poetyka (Poetics, 1923), a collection of essays in literary criticism, Literatura chy literaturshchyna? ( Literature or Literary Hackwork?, 1926), and a collection of translations, Vybir nimets'kykh baliad (A Selection of German Ballads, 1928). He was arrested on 26 February 1933 and sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in concentration camps. An edition of his poems was published in Kyiv in 1990.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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