Bachynsky, Yuliian

Bachynsky, Yuliian [Bačyns'kyj, Julijan], b 28 March 1870 in Novosilka, Pidhaitsi county, Galicia, d 6 June 1940 in a Soviet concentration camp. (Photo: Yuliian Bachynsky.) A community and political leader, journalist, son of Reverend Oleksander Bachynsky, and a leading member of the Ukrainian Radical party. In 1896 he published Ukraïna Irredenta, in which he advocated the necessity of creating a united, independent Ukrainian state. Bachynsky visited the United States and Canada in 1905–6 to study Ukrainian immigrant life. His findings about the former was published as Ukraïns’ka immigratsiia v Z'iedynenykh Derzhavakh Ameryky (Ukrainian Immigration in the United States of America, 1914; 2d edn, 1994), while his more modest study of the latter was lost either in manuscript form or as an unfinished publication. In 1918 he became a member of the Ukrainian National Rada in Galicia, and in 1919–21 Ukrainian National Republic representative in Washington, DC. In 1923 he moved to Berlin and then in 1933 he moved to the Ukrainian SSR, where he worked on the editorial board of the Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia. He was arrested in November 1934 for alleged counterrevolutionary activity and sentenced in March 1935 to ten years’ deprivation of freedom. Except for his death date, the details of his further fate are not known. He was rehabilitated in 1957. Bachynsky is also the author of Podil Halychyny (The Partition of Galicia, 1897), Vzaïmni vidnosyny sotsiial-demokratychnykh partii, ukraïns’koï i pol’s’koï, v Skhidnii Halychyni (Relations between the Ukrainian and Polish Social-Democratic Parties in Eastern Galicia, 1911), and Bol’shevyts'ka revoliutsiia i ukraïntsi (The Bolshevik Revolution and the Ukrainians, 1928). I. Behei’s study of Bachynsky’s political views appeared in Kyiv in 2001.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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