Image - Vasilii Shternberg: Market in Ichnia (1836). Image - Ichnia: Transfiguration Church.

Ichnia [Ičnja]. Map: III-13. City (2018 pop 11,042) in the Dnipro Lowland and a raion center in Chernihiv oblast. First mentioned in the early 13th century, in 1648–9 it was a regiment center, and from 1649 to 1781 a company town of Pryluky regiment. Under tsarist rule it played no administrative role. Since the 18th century it has been known for its artistic ceramics. From the 1830s on, a textile industry developed there, and after 1861 it became an important grain-trading center. Today its main industry is food production. A branch of the Pryluky Artistic Wares Factory and a historical museum are located there. A health resort of Kachanivka with its well-known 18th-century palace and park is located near Ichnia.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

Image - Ichnia: Resurrection Church.

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