Lviv National Music Academy

Lviv National Music Academy (Львівська національна музична академія ім. М. Лисенка; Lvivska natsionalna muzychna akademiia im. M. Lysenka). Higher school of music, established in Lviv in 1940 under the name the Lviv State Conservatory by the merger of the Lysenko Higher Institute of Music (est 1903) and the Polish Lviv Conservatory (est 1830). In 1992 it was renamed the Higher State Music Institute and in 2000 was reorganized into the Lviv State Music Academy. In 2007 it was granted a national academy status and assumed its present name. Its teachers have included Vasyl Barvinsky (director 1940–8), Stanyslav Liudkevych, Mykola Kolessa (director 1953–65), Wasyl Wytwycky, Borys Kudryk, Zinovii Lysko, Roman Liubynetsky, Roman Savytsky, Halyna Levytska, Adam Soltys, Vsevolod Zaderatsky, Zenon Dashak (director 1965–91), and Mariia Krushelnytska (director 1991–99). The Academy has five faculties (composition and history and theory of music, conducting, vocal, piano, and orchestra studies) and 20 chairs associated with the academy, in addition to a basic course of musical instruction for children. The Academy has an Opera Studio with its symphony orchestra as well as the student symphony and chamber orchestras, an orchestra of Ukrainian folk instruments, and a student choir. The academy’s library holds over 150,000 volumes.

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