Lypynsky East European Research Institute

Lypynsky East European Research Institute (Skhidno-evropeiskyi doslidnyi instytut im. V.K. Lypynskoho). A nonprofit research and publishing institution in Philadelphia, founded in 1963 by Yevhen Zyblikevych, its first president (1963–86), and headed since by Jaroslaw Pelenski (1986–2003) and Ilarij Mazepa (2003–). The institute houses a microfilm collection of the personal papers of Viacheslav Lypynsky, a major Ukrainian conservative political theorist, historian, and sociologist, as well as the papers of many activists of the Hetmanite movement in Canada and the United States. The institute maintains a reference library on the social, economic, and political history of Ukraine. The institute has published important government documents, monographs, and the correspondence of various Ukrainian political leaders from the 1914–40 period, including Ereignisse in der Ukraine 1914–1922 (1966–9); editions of the letters of Dmytro Doroshenko (1973) and Osyp Nazaruk (1976) to Lypynsky; a parallel Polish-Ukrainian edition of Lypynsky’s Stanisław Michał Krzyczewski ... (1980); Lypynsky’s Ukraïna na perelomi 1657–1659 ... (Ukraine at the Turning Point of 1657–1659, 1991); Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky’s memoirs from the end of 1917 to December 1918 (1995); a collection of articles, letters, and documents by or related to Milena Rudnytska (1998); a collection of documents related to the peace negotiations between the Ukrainian State and Soviet Russia in 1918 (1999); and a first volume of Lypynsky’s correspondence (2003). It has also published titles related to the Famine-Genocide of 1932–3 and Famine of 1946–7 in Ukraine and placed important archival materials from the 1930s on the Committee to Aid Famine Victimes (organized by Yelysaveta Skoropadska in Berlin and other major European cities) with Harvard University. The institute co-sponsored a conference at Harvard University on Lypynsky in 1982, the proceedings of which were published as a special issue of Harvard Ukrainian Studies (December 1985) titled The Political and Social Ideas of Viačeslav Lypyns'kyj. The Lypynsky Institute works closely with the Institute of European Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, established in 1992 by Pelenski.

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