Yuhasevych-Skliarsky, Ivan

Yuhasevych-Skliarsky, Ivan [Югасевич-Склярський, Іван; Juhasevyč-Skljars’kyj], b 1741 in Príkra, Prešov region, Slovakia, d 15 December 1814 in Nevytske, Transcarpathia. Folklorist. He studied in Lviv and from 1775 taught church music and served as a church administrator and village starosta in Nevytske, near Uzhhorod. The three collections of music compiled by him included secular songs and 30 hirmoi (see Hirmologion) and were richly illustrated with his own drawings. The last collection, compiled in 1811, contained 224 folk songs, including many humorous and satirical songs.

He also prepared several handwritten calendars (kalendars). The one for 1809 contained 370 folk sayings and was the first collection of Ukrainian proverbs. It was edited by Ivan Pankevych and published in a collection of the Slavic Institute in Prague (1946) and then as part of Ye. Nedzelsky's Z ust narodu (From the People's Mouth, 1955). The edition of Yuhasevych-Skliarsky’s Hirmologion was published by Ivan Zadorozhny in Uzhhorod in 2010.

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