Zlenko, Petro

Zlenko, Petro [Зленко, Петро], b 19 June 1891 in Starokostiantyniv, Volhynia gubernia, d 1954 in Taishet, Siberia, RSFSR. Emigré bibliographer in interwar Czechoslovakia. He worked as a librarian at the Slavic Library in Prague and edited the Prague weekly Ukraïns’kyi tyzhden’. He contributed to the bibliological journals Knyholiub (KL, Prague) and Ukraïns’ka knyha (UK, Lviv). He was secretary of the Library-Bibliographic Commission of the Ukrainian Society of Bibliophiles in Prague, and he compiled valuable bibliographies of Revolutionary Ukrainian party publications (KL, 1930, no. 1), scholarly works by Ukrainian émigrés published in 1920–31 (1932; republished by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies [Research Report No. 39]), materials on the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (Za derzhavnist’, vols 5–7 [1935]), and periodicals published in central Ukraine in 1918 (UK, 1938, nos 6–7). He wrote surveys of Ukrainian publications in Bohemia (KL, 1930, no. 4) and 11th- to 18th-century Ukrainian private libraries (UK, 1937, nos 1–10); and articles in Ukrainian encyclopedias published in Lviv (1939) and Munich (1949). Arrested by the Soviets in 1945, Zlenko died in a Soviet labor camp.

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