Kushnir, Volodymyr

Kushnir, Volodymyr [Кушнір, Володимир; Kušnir; Kuschnir, Vladimir], b 1881 in Yanchyn, Peremyshliany county, Galicia, d 22 October 1938 near Prague, Czechoslovakia. Publicist and journalist. In the early 20th century he moved to Vienna, where he worked on Ruthenische Revue, cofounded and edited Ukrainische Rundschau (1906–10), and founded and headed the Ukrainian Press Bureau there (1907). All of these organs worked to inform the West about the Ukrainian question. In 1912 he was the editor of the Lviv newspaper Dilo, then he edited Bukovyna and Narodnyi holos (1913–14) in Chernivtsi. During the First World War, he returned to Vienna, where he edited Ukrainische Korrespondenz (1917–18), published by the General Ukrainian Council, and then worked for the journals Volia (Vienna) (1919) and Na Perelomi (1920) in Vienna and Die Ukraine in Berlin. He was the first head of the Union of Ukrainian Journalists and Writers Abroad. From 1923 he lived in Prague, where he taught at the Ukrainian Higher Pedagogical Institute. Kushnir contributed articles to numerous Ukrainian and Western publications and wrote several political essays and studies, including Der Neopanslawismus (1908). He also compiled and edited a collection of documents on the Polish Pacification of Galicia, published in English as Polish Atrocities in the West Ukraine (1931).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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