Symphonic music

Symphonic music. The most developed form of instrumental music for an orchestra. The first symphonic works by a Ukrainian composer were the the recently discovered symphonies by Maksym Berezovsky followed by Sinfonia Concertante in B-Flat Major written by Dmytro Bortniansky in the late 18th century. The 19th century produced symphonic overtures by Mykhailo Verbytsky, a symphony and a fantasia by Mykola Lysenko, the Ukrainian Symphony by Mykhailo Kalachevsky, and a symphony by Volodymyr I. Sokalsky. Ukrainian symphonic music reached its highest level of development in the 20th century, with works by such composers as Stanyslav Liudkevych, Pavlo Senytsia, Lev Revutsky, Borys Liatoshynsky, Mykhailo Verykivsky, Pavlo Pecheniha-Uhlytsky, Mykola Kolessa, Roman Simovych, Stefaniia Turkevych-Lukiianovych, Antin Rudnytsky, Mykola Fomenko, Kostiantyn Dankevych, Heorhii Maiboroda, Lev Kolodub, George Fiala, Leonid Hrabovsky, Valentyn Sylvestrov, and Yevhen Stankovych. (See also Orchestra.)

Hordiichuk, M. Ukraïns’ka radians’ka symfonichna muzyka (Kyiv 1969)

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