Ukrainian Democratic Agrarian party

Ukrainian Democratic Agrarian party (Українська демократично-хліборобська партія; Ukrainska demokratychno-khliborobska partiia, or УДХП; UDAP). A conservative democratic nationalist party founded in Lubny, Poltava gubernia, in May 1917 as the Ukrainian Democratic party. Among the founding members were Viktor Andriievsky, M. Boiarsky, Vitalii Chyhryn, L. Klymov, I. Korniienko, M. Makarenko, Serhii Shemet, Volodymyr Shemet, and V. Shkliar; Mykola Mikhnovsky, Viacheslav Lypynsky, and Dmytro Dontsov were prominent members. Its constituent congress in Lubny on 29 June 1917 was attended by 1,500 rich peasants and 20 landowning nobles. The UDAP adopted a program (written by Lypynsky) of Ukrainian national sovereignty and independence, the preservation of private property as the foundation of the national economy, the preservation of middle-sized landholdings, the resolution of the land question by a Ukrainian parliament on the basis of the mandatory state purchase of lands owned by the large landowners and the permanent leasing of parcels therefrom to the poor and landless peasantry, and an agrarian economy based on well-developed co-operatives. On 27 March 1918 a 200-man UDAP delegation lobbied the Central Rada and Council of National Ministers of the Ukrainian National Republic for the inclusion of UDAP members in the Central Rada, the repeal of the land-socialization law, and new elections to the Constituent Assembly of Ukraine. Because its demands were rejected, the UDAP welcomed Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky's coup d'état in April 1918. Later, however, it protested against the Hetman government's reactionary and repressive policies and administrative abuses. At its second congress (Kyiv, 26–28 October 1918) the UDAP was against Skoropadsky's declaration of federation with a non-Bolshevik Russia. It co-operated with, but did not officially vote in favor of joining, the anti-Hetman government Ukrainian National Union. In 1921 its émigré members (eg, S. Shemet, Lypynsky) helped to found the Ukrainian Union of Agrarians-Statists.

Roman Senkus

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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