Ruslan. A conservative populist daily newspaper published in Lviv from 1897 to 1914. Founded by Oleksander Barvinsky and Anatol Vakhnianyn, it served as the organ of the Catholic Ruthenian People's Union and then the Christian Social party, supported the politics of the New Era (co-operation with the Poles), spoke out against the Russophile movement in Western Ukraine, and advocated closer ties with the Ukrainians in Russian-ruled Ukraine. It published the works of prominent writers in Russian-ruled Ukraine, such as Oleksander Konysky, Ivan Nechui-Levytsky, and Mykhailo Starytsky, and contributions from Western Ukrainian writers, such as Bohdan Lepky, Osyp Makovei, Kyrylo Studynsky, and Vasyl Shchurat. The paper was especially noted for its popular-scholarly articles on Ukrainian history and the correspondence of Volodymyr Antonovych with O. Barvinsky and Omelian Ohonovsky, and A. Vakhnianyn with Panteleimon Kulish. Ruslan was edited by T. Baranovsky, S. Kulchytsky (1897–8), Lev Lopatynsky (1898–1907), Semen Goruk (1907–14), and Vasyl Barvinsky (1914).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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