University [університет; universytet]. An institution of higher learning offering programs of study in all of the major academic disciplines. In 1991, there were 10 universities in Ukraine, with a total enrollment of 110,000. They were the Chernivtsi University, Dnipropetrovsk University, Donetsk University, Kharkiv University, Kyiv University, Lviv University, Odesa University, Simferopol University, Uzhhorod University, and Zaporizhia University. After 1992 the number of universities in Ukraine dramatically increased as the former institutes were en masse reorganized into universities. The normal program of study lasts five to five and a half years. Until 1992 universities were under the jurisdiction of the USSR Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education, and the Supreme Attestation Commission in Moscow was the body which conferred all university degrees and academic appointments in Ukraine, and which designated fields in which each institution could conduct degree training. In mid 1990s university students and staff have challenged the absence of university autonomy. (See Higher education.)

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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